Sign crew in and out of the yacht with the CrewBoard. It provides quick, easy and mobile access to an overview of which personnel are on board. This is the digital age equivalent to the onboard white board.


Crew members can be added to the database. Registered crew can then indicate if they are in or out. It is designed to be as simple and reliable as the original white board has been for all those years but in a format that is more in line with today’s technology and needs of crew.


It features a graphically appealing user interface and intuitive management system. Adding new crew members, groups, subcontractors and day workers and accessing advanced features is simple and self explanatory. Full user profiles including names and job titles can be added and amended quickly and easily. Plus profile photos can be selected from existing albums and libraries or taken directly via the device’s in-built camera and uploaded.  


Additional features include User Plans and Info Pages. With the Info Pages, crew always have quick and easy access to up-to-date local information turning CrewBoard in to a useful onboard tool and resource. You can create locations relevant to your yacht’s key destinations such as ports, frequently visited town or areas.  For each Info Page information such as local taxi numbers, restaurants, local authorities, medical and emergency services or local suppliers can be entered and saved. All information added remains private to the local CrewBoard, meaning the yacht can build its own database of locations and related information.


CrewBoard works as a stand alone solution on one device or can be used across multiple devices with automatic synchronization when combined with CrewBoard software installed on a local or hosted server. The addition of the CrewBoard server enables increased functionality and features which can be displayed and managed via the web page. Features include:


  • Synchronization across multiple users
  • Use on various sized (touch) screens
  • Easy to use management system
  • Instantly export a list of actual persons on/off board at any given moment
  • Review and filter historical presence and attendance data
  • Synchronise CrewBoard within the cloud to provide a read-only, secure CrewBoard web page (an ideal feature for Fleets and Management Companies)
  • Integration with onboard security systems for automatic sign in / out as the crew enter or leave the yacht
  • Integration with IDEA management software from SpecTec GmbH enabling direct import of Crew lists

demonstration environment can be found here.

For questions or a demonstration of the CrewBoard system please contact us.