Content Management

Content Management

In today's world content is everywhere! We buy content online on a variety of devices and often travel with it using our mobile devices.

YachtCloud's Content Management Service is specifically tailored to meet the demands of the yachting industry, where owners often have multiple residences and sometimes even multiple yachts. It is of great importance that the content they have in one location is also available in the other or all of the others.

One of YachtCloud's products is Omniyon which features content synchronization between multiple properties and/or yachts.

It includes easy-to-use management software enabling the user to ensure that the content synchronization happens at the right time with the right priority. This task is usually granted to one of the owner's employees, however, this can be arranged and handled professionally by YachtCloud. Not only will YachtCloud make sure all the content is synchronized properly and on time, but we will also gather all of the necessary and relevant metadata in your desired languages to go with the movies.

Pricing of this service is subject to the exact requirements so please do contact us if you are interested in this service so we can provide you with tailored advice to meet your needs.

In short YachtCloud's Content Management Service takes care of:

  • Managing the Omniyon content synchronization solution
  • Gathering the metadata with your content, in your desired languages*
  • Uploading your content to the central server location

*Metadata is not available in all languages, however YachtCloud has an extensive network of translation experts which can take care of the translation.


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